South Surrey CX

November 12th, 2011 — The South Surrey Cyclocross race held at the South Surrey Bike Park hosted by Mighty Riders and Daryl-Evans Racing ended up a cold, wind swept, and muddy event with many dnf’s because of the conditions.

2011 James Cameron 01

James Cameron (above) on his way to winning the master 3/4 class.

Jean Ann Berkenpas 2011

Jean Ann Berkenpas (above) on her way to winning the open women’s class.

Tobin Copley 2011

Tobin Copley (above) surviving to finish 27th in the master 3/4 class.

Womens cyclocross 2011

Kim Steed 2011-11-12

Kim Steed (above) trying to warm his hands near the end of the race.


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